Advertising Options

There are very many advertising opportunities for businesses in Bronte Village, with a wide variety of formats and audiences that you can target. To make advertising your business a little bit easier, below is a list of advertisers and their sales representatives for the Bronte Village area. If you notice that we are missing any advertisers, please let us know by emailing us at:

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Print Advertising

Snapd Oakville

The Bronte Villager

The Oakville Beaver

The Burlington Post

Look Local

West of the City Magazine

The Toronto Star

Community Publications (Tourism Guides)

Curious The Tourist Guide

Oakville Community Guid – The Oakville Beaver

Oakville Visitors Guide – The Oakville Beaver

Oakville Map Pad – The Oakville Beaver

Online Publications

Social Media

Bronte Village BIA Boosted Facebook Posts –

  • Ann Sargent – (905)
    • The BIA will post your content on our social media page and do a paid boost to our audience based on your budget and targeting specifications.