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Member Resources


Bronte Member Resources

We have put these resources together to help our BIA members find useful information when they need it. As resources come up or are developed, we will post them here to help you and your business thrive. If you have any suggestions for useful content that we can develop, please email


Bronte Buzz for Business

The Bronte Buzz For Business is our monthly newsletter to help keep the Bronte Village businesses up to date on what is going on in the area. The newsletter will be released monthly on the first business day of the month by email, and will be posted here as a PDF documents as well.

How Do I Become a Bronte BIA Member?

The Bronte BIA catchment area is East St. on the East, W. River Street on the west, Sovereign St. on the North and Ontario St. on the south. All commercial businesses within these boundaries are automatically members of the Bronte paying through a levy on commercial taxes.Every business within a BIA’s boundaries automatically becomes a member. There are no exceptions, under the principle that all who benefit should be required to share the cost of the program.

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