Bronte Village is home to free events for all ages, attracting thousands of visitors and creating an economic impact of more than half a million dollars for the local economy.

From fireworks that light up the harbour on Canada Day, outdoor performances, arts and cultural events, fitness – and salmon – runs, to cruises on the lake, Bronte is a destination for family friendly entertainment.

And, we’d love more events here, in particular, in the Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park. If you’re a non-profit cultural or community group looking to host an event in our district, let’s talk about how we might partner.


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    2020 Expanded Patio Applications Now Open

    Jun 08, 2020-Sep 30, 2020

    Applications are now being accepted for expanded patios for 2020 as part of the Town of Oakville’s new Commercial Recovery Initiative. This program supports the town-wide reopening of commercial businesses in a practical and safe manner.

    While the timeframe and requirements for physical distancing remain unknown, town staff are available to begin the intake and consultation process for patios, bistros and other measures requiring the use of public lands including municipal sidewalks and roadways to achieve physical distancing. While town permits will be issued, applicants must comply with provincial directives and regulations.

    What’s New for 2020

    1. Town lands, such as sidewalks and parking spaces, will be available in 2020 for patios subject to permitting requirements.
    2. Opportunities for new or extended patios on private property with temporary exemptions from required parking.
    3. Application fees related to processing permits have been waived for 2020.
    4. Municipal information and documentation required by the AGCO can be processed at the same time, if applicable. Note: changes have been made to liquor licensing to allow for expanded patios (June 8, 2020).

    Application Materials Required:

    • A completed 2020 patio permit application (pdf). Please complete and return via email. (Please disregard this step if you have already completed and submitted for the 2020 program).
    • A sample Encroachment Permit for your information: 
    • It contains the terms of use of the encroachment commitment.
    • Upon receipt of your application form, we will customize the agreement with your information (yellow highlighted areas) and email it out to be signed and returned.
    • Of note, for patios on private property, there is a separate agreement that we will send directly. It will also require a drawing of the patio location and size.
    • Drawing/sketch of your proposed patio location and dimensions of the area.
    • The final drawing will be attached as a schedule to the encroachment permit.
    • Upon our approval of the patio location and size, this drawing can be used in your AGCO application, where applicable.
    • Certificate of Insurance (refer to section ‘Insurance’ on page 2 of the Encroachment Permit for full details and requirements)
    • Summary: … including third party liability coverage with an insurance company acceptable to the Town, in the minimum amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) in total and in the minimum amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) for each occurrence and containing provisions satisfactory to the Town, naming the Town as an additional insured and being non-cancellable by the insurance company without reasonable written notice to the Town. 

    Additional Program Information:

    • All processing fees collected by the Town have been waived
    • Town staff are available for on-site consultations to discuss proposed patio / bistro options.
    • If applicable, town staff can concurrently process municipal information and documentation required by the AGCO.  Review the information at liquor license application [the process under ‘liquor sales license’]. The link on our page will take you to the AGCO site for their information and forms.

    Apply Now                                                                                                       

    Apply for a permit by completing the 2020 patio permit application (pdf). Once complete, send to For more details, please contact Service Oakville at 905-845-6601 or

    Town Staff to Assist 

    Contact Christina Tizzard, Manager- Urban Design, Planning Services at or 905-845-6601, ext.3266 if there are any questions about the 2020 program and the requested application materials, as well as to discuss your proposal and to schedule an on-site consultation, where needed. 

    Friendly reminders …

    • please do not construct or install the patio enclosures/platform until your permit is issued
    • please do not set up tables and chairs until the province has lifted the use restrictions and put regulations in place
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    At Home in Bronte 2020

    Jul 01, 2020-Oct 31, 2020

    at home bronte

    Stay at Home for At Home

    Calling All Painter Groups

    At Home in Bronte public art exhibit is on hold; hopefully it will return to Bronte Village sometime in 2020.

    The Bronte BIA has put the call for invitations for groups on pause due to COVID-19. When the world returns to normal and we can gather in groups again, we’ll invite groups of all skill levels to get involved and paint a chair that celebrates Bronte and Oakville!

    A reminder: this interactive outdoor art show features 50+ uniquely designed Muskoka chairs painted by Bronte businesses, artists, families, and organizations. These colourful masterpieces are placed on the Bronte boardwalk, in Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park and on the pier for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

    What You Can Do Now:

    1. Stay home.
    2. Brainstorm with a group of co-workers, family members, friends or local community groups virtually and decide if you’d like to apply to paint a chair.
    3. Download the application. Get creative.
    4. You can submit it any time; there’s no deadline right now.
    5. When and if the program is re-activated, we’ll be sending out a formal email invitation to past participants and those that have submitted an application in 2020. A new deadline date will be communicated.
    6. When and if it’s safe to get together and paint your chair, we’ll distribute the chair to you.

    Painting pointers for your application:

    • Chairs remain the property of the Bronte Village BIA during the course of the program.
    • Chair designs may not contain offensive, obscene, profane, indecent or otherwise controversial content.
    • Chair designs may not promote, encourage, or incite violence.
    • Company logos to appear on the chair may not exceed a maximum design size of 4 inches by 4 inches. A maximum of two corporate logos may appear on the chair.
    • Designs containing religious or political references, symbols, etc., will not be approved.
    • The Bronte Village BIA reserves the right to determine and select all chair painters, and determine after completion whether any chair is inappropriate for display as part of the project.
    • Changes/additions to the structural design of the chair are not permitted. Materials other than paint cannot be applied/affixed to the chair.

    * A Paint-at-Home Kit containing one unbuilt Muskoka chair, and assembly and painting instructions will be available when it’s safe to distribute the chairs and you pick yours up. Groups eventually approved for this project must obtain their own necessary paint and painting materials, and must return their painted chair to Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park for installation on a specific date.


    Download the application form

    Questions? Send them to:


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