Urgent veterinary services are an essential service during COVID-19 business closures. Dr. Tina McGrath, owner and veterinarian at the Bronte Village Animal Hospital, and her staff of five are still providing full-time care.

“It’s important for owners to know there is veterinary care if their pet is unwell,” she says.

Pets are not a source of COVID-19, however, she recommends owners who are unwell or COVID-19-positive isolate themselves from their pets and remove close contact just to be safe.

What Dr. Tina and her staff have done/are doing:

  • Implemented a strict disinfection process to mitigate risk of exposure
  • Changed operating hours to 9am-5pm daily; closed on Saturdays
  • Providing essential services only with just pets allowed in the clinic; the client stays in the car
  • Taking bookings by phone and email only; no drop-ins
  • Questioning all clients about recent travel 
  • Providing stress relief for staff through days off

“The staff have been amazing during a stressful time where they are in continued contact with the public,” Dr. Tina says. “We also appreciate how understanding our clients have been.”

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