Government of Ontario Releases List of Essential Businesses and Workplaces

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Ontario is ordering the closure of non-essential workplaces to close down or work remotely effective today (Tuesday, March 24) at 11:59pm.
This closure will be effective for 14 days with the possibility of extension as the situation evolves.
The term ‘business’ is used to include any for-profit, non-profit or other entity providing goods and services.

Read the full list here


Digital Main Street Offers Free Support

All businesses in Oakville’s BIAs have access to free support from Nadia and Michelle – two of the local Digital Main Street squad. It doesn’t matter if you received funding from the program or not.

This hyper-local, hands-on, one-on-one program is available today to help you enhance your online presence or create one.

Contact Nadia or Michelle today. They’re eager to help your business.


Resources for Your Business

Local, regional and national resources are coming together to support your business. Know that the Town of Oakville’s Economic Development department continues to be operational and the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, three local BIAs, the Ontario BIA Association and others are working together to share resources and best practices.

Invest Oakville

Oakville Chamber


Safety Checklist for your Business

For businesses whose operations are closed during this time, Ottawa Police have created a safety checklist to ensure your shop or restaurant remains secure. Police recommend the following guidelines:

· Keep the lights on

· Remove ALL cash and receipts

· Do not leave any valuables clearly visible or accessible

· All safes and tills should be emptied and moved off-site for safe storage

· Keep all cash drawers open to show that nothing is in the drawers

· All ATM’s should be emptied and moved off-site for safe storage

· All alcohol products removed from bar and put in secured storage areas (no alcohol left visible from outside)

· Consider posting “NO CASH or Valuables on Premises” signage

· Deactivate all scheduled FOB door openings (ie. Cleaners, deliveries, etc)

· Disconnect all kitchen gas lines from their gas source

· Make regular site visits to monitor your shop/business and to manage inventory and storage conditions (consider scattering the times this is done to not establish a pattern)

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