The Bronte BIA shares the concerns of residents regarding the current practice of predatory towing in our Bronte business community. Unfortunately, the BIA has no jurisdiction over the right of private commercial lot owners and the manner in which they choose to protect their parking for their own customers. However, the BIA is working diligently with the Town and all the stakeholders in this matter to find a long-term solution.

Parking in Bronte Village – Councillor Sean O’Meara
As some of you may be aware, Bronte has recently struggled with its available parking spaces for both residents and visitors. As we undergo revitalization and development in Bronte, we expected some disruptions however the recent towing of vehicles by private property owners has been regrettable to say the least.
I want to outline what we have done from a Town’s perspective on this issue.

1) We have recently created interim parking spots along secondary roads as noted above on the map.
2) We will be erecting way finding to public parking by installing “P” parking signs to be located on Lakeshore Road for maximum visibility to show public, municipal parking spots. Additional on-street spots have been made available by the Town. Bronte has 250 public parking spaces available for anyone to use. On street parking has a 3hr limit.
3) Council has also instructed staff to report back on immediate actions to stop Predatory Towing which will happen this fall.

To be clear, Council has NO authority over the removal of vehicles on private property. We have begun the process to reign in tow companies in how they both charge and notify vehicle owners and will bring that to Council as soon as possible.

We have extended offers to assist private property owners in enforcing their lots however to date they have opted for private towing. I am hopeful that property owners and businesses can work together with the Town and Bronte BIA on a concerted effort to respect private property while at the same time understanding that all Bronte businesses are hurt by predatory towing.

I will continue to keep you posted however if you are on private property PLEASE READ THE SIGNS in the lots or alternatively park in the outlined municipal spots marked in the areas shown on the map.

Bronte Village remains one of the best spots West of the GTA to shop, dine and visit. We have many public parking areas and look forward to welcoming visitors year-round.


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