A recent study asks small retail businesses “Do you know what the busiest shopping hours are out of the whole week?

Between 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM on weekends. According to the Simmons Market Research Bureau, 11% of people are out shopping during that time and this doesn’t include your tourists.

Think about this . . . there are 52 Sundays in a year. If a business is closed every Sunday, you are essentially leaving a month and a half of sales on the table — these are lost sales. Can you afford to lose those 52 days of sales? (Then add in the lost sales from not having extended hours during the busy holiday, spring and summer months.) Some of our members have had their best sales on Sundays after dinner when people are out walking in the summer evenings. People are looking for things to do, things to look at, engage with the community. Remember we are also a boating and fishing community attracting tourists all summer. They want to check out our village.

Most people work during the week. They have two days off a week, and one of them is Sunday. If businesses are not open when customers want to buy, they will go down the street, to a big box, or online — and they just might get in the habit of buying from those sources.

NOW is the time to get ready to capitalize on the spring summer fall when people are out on the street.

  • Treat everyone like a valued customer, every time
  • Be welcoming to tourists, thank them for choosing Bronte Village to spend their time and support your businesses
  • Be remembered for personal, friendly service, not just for your products and services offer the utmost in a customer/tourist’s experience and journey
  • Understand the real benefits of having consistent and extended hours plus being open on Sunday (#1 problem for downtowns)
  • You must have a website to compete.
  • Utilise great posts on social media – encourage people to share your message (It’s free, a low cost way to market your business).
  • Creating partnerships and business buddies to gain exposure through cross-promotion of each other’s business
  • Is your store looking its best? Fresh paint? Clean windows? Good signage. Attractive curb and visual appeal.
  • Be a community Ambassador – it will reap you rewards beyond your wildest dreams. Sell the community, not just your location. It will impress your customer.
  • Thinking about these few pointers can help get customers and tourists to say ‘WOW’ each and every time they talk to you.
  • This will bring them back and the word of mouth will bring you referrals.
  • Develop your own loyalty customer program. Ask people if they would like to share their business card or enter a ballot to win something monthly. Ask if they would like to be sent information on special events and sales at your establishment.

NOTE: 83% of tourists and travelers ask for recommendations! Let’s get prepared for a great summer Bronte Village. We have some exciting things happening this summer in Bronte for Canada’s 150th. We will be sharing this with you in the weeks ahead. Please help us by becoming ‘Community Ambassadors’.

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