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Plan Your Trip

Use this road trip checklist when you travel with your family this vacation season.

Road trip planning is everything.

The real key lies in two distinct areas. Adequate planning and appropriate expectations. Without these two key areas, you’ll find your vacation is more frustration than fun.
Stress less and enjoy your vacation more. Take advantage of preplanning and utilize a road trip check list.

Using a road trip checklist, get planning!

Ask yourself some simple questions about your upcoming road trip.
==> What are the dates of our road trip?
==> How far is this trip? Are we talking hours or days here? Across town or across the country? The longer the road trip the more activities a parent needs to plan and have on hand.
______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
==> How much is our road trip costing us? Do we have monies set aside for our trip? Do we need a monthly budget for our vacation?
______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
==> How many stops are planned? Bathroom breaks, eating breaks, stretch-our-legs-breaks are all necessary when doing a road trip with a family.
______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
==> How are we traveling? Road trip planning means taking a look at the space you will have available.
There is a huge difference between traveling in a small, compact car with five people than traveling in a large, roomy van with five people.
What about you? On your road trip, will your family be cramped? __ Have ample space? __
==>The bottom line is that if you are going very far and you must travel in quite cramped quarters you will have to plan even better. Look for a checklist of road trip activities below.

Road trip check list of things to take in your vehicle.

  • Food and drinks

This seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many folks simply forget about it. Travel with plenty of snack foods and drinks and you’ll have happier travelers no matter what their ages.
Snacks __________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
Drinks __________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
(Don’t forget water.)
==> Road trip snack tips include…* Choose less messy snacks over the sticky ones. The mess will spread like wildfire so why even go there. * Choose healthier snacks over only taking junk food. Sure, include your family’s favorites, but tummy aches come from too many junky snacks. Who needs a carsick kid? My family’s travel favorites include…

  • fresh fruit
  • chips/pretzels
  • crackers
  • popped corn

* Choose foods you don’t always give your family. Tell them plainly this is a time for special treats. Then YOU choose the treats. Also, I have always leveraged snack time on a trip by pointing out that snacks are for those who are behaving and enjoying the ride…troublemakers and whiners don’t need snacks. * As with the snacks, choose plenty of drinks, but minimize the sodas and increase the waters (flavored and plain), juices, (boxed) milk. Yes, lots of drinks equals more bathroom stops. But frequent, short stops are good for everyone and will help younger kids travel better. * You will save a lot of money taking your own snacks and drinks with you as opposed to buying them in gas stations along your route.

Practical items to include in your road trip checklist.

__ Moist towelettes.         Don’t skimp. Get a big bucket. You can use them for many, many things.
__ First-aid kit.         If you don’t have one, you’ll need one. Put in extra band-aids.
__ Extra clothes/underwear.         Kids + Confined Space + Time = Messy. Especially if you have a newly-trained or still-training potty-er with you, you’ll be much happier with extra clothing.
__ Extra plastic bags.         Use for soiled clothing, trash, wet items, things that need to be cleaned, etc.
__ A sense of humor.         Include lots of this. And throw in some hugs, too.
__ Money.         You may like to use credit cards and that’s fine. But do yourself a favor and take along some cash. We’ve found that a surprising amount of places – especially rural areas – don’t always take credit cards.
__ Maps/directions.         Are you going to a friend’s home or a hotel at your destination? Don’t forget the detailed directions as well as phone numbers in case you have trouble getting there. (Yes, you may have GPS in your car or smart phone but what if those break down? I’m just saying it saves a lot of stress to be prepared for problems.)
__ Cell phones and chargers (auto-charger, too, if you have one).         Just plain handy in an emergency.
__ Emergency equipment.
Things like…

  • extra food or water.
  • blankets.
  • flashlight/batteries.
  • car manual.
  • radio.
  • medications.

(Don’t overdo, just consider what you would need if you had to spend a night in your vehicle.)
__ A lot of patience.         It helps to remember the point of most folk’s vacations is simply to be together, NOT a particular destination.
__ Camera/video camera.         Preserve those memories of your road trip.
__ Necessary phone numbers.         Not only do you want to have phone numbers for the places you’re going, but you’ll want phone numbers for someone back home in case you need to call and have someone check on your home or deal with an emergency. Jot these numbers down on the back of your road trip packing list or double check to make sure they are already in your cell phone.

Road trip check list of things to do as the miles fly by.

__ Have a special bag for each child filled with fun activities they’ve never seen before. __ Compile a collection of travel games before you leave home. Make sure these are games you are willing to play and have a lot of them! Have all necessary pieces/info/printouts for game. __ Look online for interesting sights to see along the way. One of the great joys of road trips is that you can learn about the places and people along the way. __ Movies/DVDs/music/radio programs. If you have car players for these fun activities, great. Kids can pass a lot of time watching a movie or two or listening to recorded radio programs. Make sure these video/audio choices are family-friendly and limit kids’ usage of individual music or video games. This is supposed to be a family vacation, remember? __ Read stories, mysteries, jokes or brain teasers aloud. Tell stories of things you did as a kid on vacation…your kids will love this (unless they’re teenagers and have heard it all before, in which case a road trip is a great time to talk about their future).
Add your own activities. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

You need a sanity-section on your road trip checklist!

Make your road trip go smoother.

  • Keep some structure for sanity.

==> Insist on a rotating activity time, then quiet or rest time, then eat time, then chat time. Customize this for your own family, but you get the picture. ==> Insist on keeping kids in car seats as much as possible. Seriously, we have found that if parents model good behavior insofar as seat belt usage during normal driving activities, this won’t be a problem. Babies and toddlers have the hardest time with this and a regular stop schedule helps a lot.

  • Have a talk with the troops ahead of time…set expectations.

==> Our kids knew that we expected everyone to do their part to make our vacation FUN. You can do the same on your road trip. Another key is to make the road trip part of the funinstead of suggesting that the only fun will be at the destination. This will eliminate a lot of “are we there yet?”

  • Do special things you only do on road trips.

* Eat at restaurants.             * Eat special treats you’ve brought.             * Have different activitiesplanned.             * Sing songs together.             * Plan your next vacation as a family.

  • If people are truly unhappy with the trip, use the time to discuss what it will take to travel by air next vacation.

* How much money will the family have to save each month?             * What are they willing to give up in order to make it happen?             * This can be very eye-opening for children of all ages.

  • Into scrapbooking?

* Give everyone a disposable camera and a small notebook. Explain they can take pictures (their camera must last the entire vacation) but they must make a matching entry into their notebook for each picture. When you get home you’ll only need to edit and assemble your road trip scrapbook. This can be a great family weekend activity that feels like part of the vacation even after the vacation is done.
Add your own ideas. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Use a road trip checklist for vehicle preparation.

Is your vehicle in good condition for the trip? Be sure and check the __ oil __ tires __ belts __ fluids, etc. before you leave. __ Get any scheduled or needed maintenance performed before you leave. __ Don’t forget to check the spare!
Add your own list. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Last minute road trip thoughts.

*What if someone gets sick? *Don’t expect too much out of small kids. *Need travel games? Get a downloadble book filled with fun travel games. *What do you want to get out of this trip? *Pack ahead if possible. *Don’t try to do too much last minute. *Need packing tips?
Add your own thoughts. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________